Blumil Junior

Blumil blumil junior

Blumil JUNIOR is the lightest electric wheelchair that grows with your child! Its agility, speed and long range will allow young users to explore the world with their friends. Adjustable height, footrest, backrest and comfortable seat will make learning and outdoor activities fun and enjoyable for years. Based on Segway / Ninebot Minipro technology, it will serve for a long time, allowing your child to develop and enjoy each day. In combination with some great features such as a battery level indicator, a safe and simple parking mechanism and the ability to adjust the handle for right and left handers, this is the best electric wheelchair for children.

Adventures, knowledge and safety!

Blumil Junior is intended for versatile use. Going to school in different weather conditions, hanging out with friends on narrow streets or paved sidewalks, riding together with peers moving on bikes or roller blades, in parks - nothing is out of reach anymore.

Blumil Junior

Blumil Junior - grows with the child thanks to the adjustable seat height.

Blumil JUNIOR meets the needs of children as they grow - so there is no need to buy new models when the child reaches a certain height. The height of the seat can be adjusted gradually, as well as the position of the backrest. Thanks to the fitted cushion, the user's comfort is high, which allows for all-day use.

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Seat height

49 to 59cm
Blumil Junior


The range is at least 25 km. This allows for long trips. If necessary, you can recharge the wheelchair almost anywhere you have a brake. A full charge takes only 3 hours.

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25 km
Blumil Junior

Adjustable steering column

The steering column easily folds, so getting in and out of this electric wheelchair has never been easier. The position of the column is also adjustable to match the height and length of the arm.


The possibility of easy transport is a key feature for Blumil users. For this reason, we made sure that Blumil would have a really compact size. When folded, it is smaller than a manual wheelchair. That is why it is very easy to transport it in a medium-sized car, even in the back seat. Traveling with a wheelchair has never been so easy!

Blumil Junior

Light and compact

Its compact size - the same as a manual wheelchair, allows it to move easily even in tight spaces, such as elevators and toilets. This makes Blumil a perfect wheelchair not only for outdoor use, but also indoors.

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27 kg
Blumil Junior

Different than the rest

Design is important to us! Wanting to spice up the latest model, we have entered into cooperation with Pavlo Burkatskyy, designer of the Arrinera super sportscar.

Blumil Junior

Excercise during your ride

Blumil - an active electric wheelchair that stimulates your body. During the ride, you engage your muscles to work - By riding you exercise!


The maximum speed can be adjusted. The maximum can be set to 18 km / h. This allows you to move quickly from place to place, avoiding traffic jams and accompanying friends on bicycle trips.

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Maximum speed

18 km/h
Blumil Junior
Blumil City app


Connect your Blumil with your phone and have access to detailed driving data. Speed, remaining range, control of settings, lights. Everything in your hand.

Handling obstacles

You can order special off-road tires. You will get significantly better vibration dampening on uneven surfaces and get greater grip on forest trails, gravel and other loose surfaces. While riding over obstacles, try to go over them first with one wheel and then the other. Do not go fast. Be careful.

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Curbs up to

3 cm
Blumil Junior

Intelligent lighting

The Blumil City is also equipped with strong front automatic lights, and indicators to make night activities safe and fun! There also even a brake light.

See the movie how it works!

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Blumil is a certified product. As a medical device it meets all the requirements, regulated under EU law. The CE mark itself is a determinant of certain safety and quality standards and provides information for all consumers and proof that we meet all strict requirements.

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Riding Blumil JUNIOR

Whenever you feel like going out, just get on the Blumil electric wheelchair, slightly lean forward and steer the column to the required direction. Moving around the city has never been so easy and intuitive during day and night (automatic lights really do the job!).Go and enjoy your city vibes!

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