Riding the Blumil

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BLUMIL – follow your intuition!

Riding the Blumil is very easy, as it is based on intuitive leaning of the body and starting the movement. To start moving, you just need to slightly lean forward, and to go backwards – you need to slightly lean back. To turn, you need to effortlessly move the steering column to either side, which you can easily remove to get on or off your Blumil. The movement required to ride Blumil is minimal and you don’t need to have strong core muscles or hands. First time on Blumil

First time on Blumil

BLUMIL – stay active!

Riding the Blumil requires significantly less arm strength than ordinary wheelchairs, as accelerating is caused by leaning forward. It makes Blumil a great solution for those who want to be active, but their mobility is limited. All you need to ride the Blumil is the ability to slightly move your body front and back (by using your abdominal muscles or pulling on your hand) and moving your hand to change the direction. Blumil might be steered by right or left hand, and also the parking mode handle can be installed on eitherside.

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BLUMIL – be mobile!

Blumil offers a range of possible destinations that were previously unattainable, due to its riding features, compact size and simple folding. It is very easy to fold the Blumil and it does not require strength or precision. Transporting the Blumil is simple, as you may put in the car easily. Also travelling is easier with Blumil – you can take the plane, train or bus. In the city you can take the underground, bus or tram – on your Blumil!

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BLUMIL – go ahead!

The simple installation of the steering column makes getting on and off the Blumil really easy, and it doesn’t require much effort or precision. You just need to take it out and get on or off, and then slide it in. It takes only few seconds!

BLUMIL – safety and stability

The easy mechanism of parking mode is an important issue for all users. Whenever you want your Blumil to be stationary, you need to put in in parking mode. This will ensure that you stay in one place, even if you move your body. Blumil’s parking mode mechanism isreliable and fastand the handle can be placed on left or right side. To parkyour Blumil, just move the handle backwards. To release it – move it forward.

Blumil – comfort and convenience

Blumil is a very stable vehicle, so it goes on curbs and uneven surfaces without any problem, keeping its user comfortable. Obstacles such as curbs, cobblestones, puddles, muddy surfaces and others are easy to dealt with if you are on a Blumil. So whether you ride in a city, or off road – you feel comfortable.